Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Better late than never

Another year another blog !


So it's official I'm rubbish at blogging,I had good intentions at the start but just seemed to find it hard to put pen to paper, or should I say finger to keyboard.


Anyway I'm not going to beat myself up about it, I've decided just to update this thing called a blog when 
1) I feel like it
2) I remember
3) I have the time and
4) Most importantly when I can think of something to say.


No 4 is the most difficult !


I'm writing this on Valentines Day and we seem bombarded with hearts and flowers. It's not something me and Mr Jones celebrate, well not since our first years of courtship ( what a lovely word ) when I received red roses and a very padded card, it was the 70's after all ! This year I have made my usual heart shaped soaps adorned with rosebuds, and whopping bath bombs I called Love Bombs ! Not very original I know but what's not to love about a soapy heart.