Sunday, 3 February 2013

Soap Cakes

Ive been meaning to make some full sized soap cakes for a while now and at last got my act together. I have made them in the past but just as the odd one off when the fancy took me and although they have always sold out quickly I have only just got around to making them to add to my main lines on the web site. Here you go, Lavender and Rosebuds, Blossom and Lemon Fizz. I didn't want to ice (frost for those of you across the pond) them so they look a bit like cheesecakes! I love how they have turned out they feel lovely and chunky in your hand so are great to use in the bath or shower.


Lavender and Rosebuds

Lemon Fizz

These have gone on the web site and will definately be coming with me to the fairs I'm doing this month and next, they make great Mothers Day gifts.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, New Blog

I'm not sure my idea to start a new blog on New Years Day was such a good one. Luckily for me I awoke with no hangover and feeling tired but positive about 2013.
It's been almost two years now since I made my first batch of cold process soap. What started as a hobby has now taken over my life as any soap maker will tell you. It started like this ......
I have a group of girlfriends who go out together on Friday nights, we are loosely called The Friday Night Girls, some of us are not 'girls' but clearly a bit older. The group includes my daughter Holly and the daughters of friends and in turn their friends, a bit of an eclectic mix.  We decided three Xmases ago to follow in Kirstie Allsopps shoes and make each other gifts for Xmas. We call this our crafty Xmas and opening those gifts on Xmas Eve has become the favourite hour of the festive season. Three years ago Lucy made us all soap, it was melt and pour, the first time I had ever seen it and beautiful. A fascination at having a go myself started my soaping journey.
This CRAFTY XMAS I made decoupage trinket boxes, here they are
I'm looking forward to being back in the workshop tomorrow, then the year really begins.